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Our team began as a music production group in the Lofi & Chillhop niche around 3 years ago, all trying to promote our own music within the chaotic news feed. We're artists first, and a business second. We understand working with both types of people, and we treat it like an art form. (Because it is). When you work with Behind Walls Media, you get a service that is backed by a real art community. Let's see what's possible!

What do we do?

Our strength is our creative vision and our streamlined network.

We will listen to your idea/project proposal, and then create concepts/themes that the artwork can revolve around (we can provide the artwork as well).  While this may seem like something anyone can do, creating a cohesive art direction with overarching connections, and maintaining that vision while working with artists can be tricky. Our team has years of experience with it. Let us help!

Let’s Work Together

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