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Tsunami Sounds


Damon Broussard

Fee Brandt

Gemesis (Ada - Desert) (Final) (JPG).jpg

Genesis is an artistic spin on our current trajectory in life- but also a hopeful rendition that speaks the need for cuture, connection, and a more thoughtful attention into the simple things that make us humans - Damon Broussard


This project began with a deep disappointment in modern life- the feeling that humanity is being removed from our lives more and more each day, and replaced with things that are artificial; only exacerbating the real issues at hand for the sake of profit. 

These emotions led me to the video game NieR: Automata, as I was aiming to draw inspiration from post-apocalyptic, sci-fi style worlds & environments, yet mixed with a plot that isn't too far off into fantasy. My goal for this was to better understand my place in this drastically changing world, and to maybe open some eyes to the dwindling culture of humanity. I believe