Between Two Shores





Creative Director:

I think people need to think about their relationships around them, especially about the people that matter the most - their family, their lovers, their close friends. Coz we never know when those people will be gone, we should all take a moment to talk to them, reach out to people and have some meaningful conversations. That's the message that I wanted to portray on this EP.” -Dpsht


Can you remember the last time you sat alone, lost in contemplation? Birds chirping, water burbling, memories and dreams forming and flowing just beneath the surface of our To-Do lists and everyday obligations...There is another path, and returning Tsunami LoFi artist Dpsht shows us the the way...


At Behind Walls Media, our main criteria is having cohesion between the visuals + the music. We knew that a prominent theme of Dpsht's new  4-song organic / Chillhop/Jazzhop EP was "contemplation,"  so to build cohesion on the visual side of this release, we commissioned specialty artwork by Nonexistent, his minimal design style and intuitive interpretation sense suited the music’s refined, organic, and intensely reflective mood. 

“The subject in the design appears to be sitting across from another, yet separated. Why are they separated? What's he thinking? I believe the look was cohesive to the idea of wondering why the two subjects are on opposite sides of the shore.”

-Damon Broussard, Behind Walls Media

Dpsht's compositions on Between Two Shores are somewhere between 40’s pop music and ultra-modern Jazzhop, and this time-travel dichotomy is equally reflected in Nonexistant’s artwork. The earthy tones, the flowing palm trees and placid water scene - this could be taken right from a travel poster from the 1940’s - but with a twist. Two people are sitting apart from one another, possibly not even aware that the other is so nearby. Contemplating what the other might be doing, thinking, or feeling. Dpsht’s music offers insights into this emotional riddle, and Nonexistent’s artwork lets our eyes think about it, too.


Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 9.14.10 AM.png

“The story behind this EP is in the title itself, "Between Two Shores", so near but so far. It's like looking at the sky, you can see it in front of you but you can't touch it. Same scenario as what we are in right now, during these pandemic days. We are all confined to our homes, not being able to hang out, not being able to go to places that we wanted to go. Also, I tried to emulate the feeling of melancholia, not being able to see and be with your loved ones, like two people that are close but their thoughts are somewhere far from each other. I like to portray what these people feel, and where might their thoughts be at the moment - like a daydream. I made the titles of the tracks into something unimaginable, something or somewhere that nobody knows if it actually exists, and if it exists, it's almost impossible to reach by hand.”


"Between Two Shores" is a 4-track EP consisting of ambient and spatial sounds, melodic progressions and clean and simple drum line. I wanted to emphasize the ambient feel of the tracks and melodic parts of it, so I chose not to overdo the drums. Most of the instruments I used are piano, guitar, and bass, then added some beautiful pads and more nature ambience - like water flowing, rain sounds. I also tried to add some digitally made instruments like moon guitars, bright synths and leads that flutters around your ears.”



Between Two Shores is an invitation to contemplation. What that means and how that looks will vary from person to person, and depending on your setting - city, village, outback, or countryside - you may or may not have someone next to you to share your findings with. We feel like Dpsht is sharing his findings with us, like he's been the man on the shore in Nonexistent's solemn artwork; he's been the woman on the bluff far out of reach; he's been the lonely pandemic-forced shut-in during long winter nights; and he's also the voice that calls us to pursue any kind of "togetherness" we can manage. To be mindful of our loved ones  - here and gone - and to possibly enjoy the moments of contemplation in our hurried lives, not to be afraid of them. These moments hold secrets for us - Dpsht found some and shared them on Between Two Shores. Take a moment and explore the sounds and feels of this gorgeous EP, there are secrets waiting there for you, too. Enjoy ~


“Anyway, I think its not just me why I started doing music, my friends back then really pushed me to pursue music, and also my late father taught me first on how to play, and I wanted to make music because I love music and I wanted my friends and family to hear what I made. It's like am reflecting my music based on how and where my life takes me, it's a journey for me.

And, to all my listeners out there, I just wanted to thank y'all. There will be more music to come, so I hope y'all be there still to listen and enjoy my tracks. Even if there is just one of you willing to listen I will continue to make tracks. That's a promise.”