"Dreaming Hill"





Creative Director:

Where do we go to dream?


In a clearing stands a figure. A woman gazes up into the softly watercoloured sky, arms down at her side, day-pack sitting on the ground next to her with a smile spread across her upturned face. She’s surrounded by natural beauty. A small, white daylight moon is perched in the pink early morning sky, bluish-green mountains quietly abide in the distance, nearby foothills flow with orange-yellow foliage, and red-berried shrubs ornament the foreground as if cradling the open, stony plateau. This place she has come to, this clearing on a mountain path, it's the site of some special kind of moment. Something important is happening here - A dream is happening…

Artists exist to blur the lines between dreams and reality. Reality can be harsh, coldly defined by redlines, deadlines, schedules & clocks. But we are human - half blood, bone, and skin, the other half emotion, thoughts, and dreams. These two parts of us must coexist in this world for us to have balance, harmony, and cohesion.


We must find a way to live well in that blurred space between reality and dreams. 

“Dreaming Hill” by Komachi & Paniyolo helps us fill the space between these two often gaping realities. This song takes the listener to a place where we can look out over our physical surroundings and reflect upon our internal landscape, held by the beauty of the moment. Dreaming Hill gives the listener permission to live in these two places at once - a song constructed by physical hands with physical tools, listened to on a physical device has a meta-physical effect, transporting the listener for a moment to a safe, sacred space where our dreams & quieter thoughts can flourish and exist.

The artwork by Kyo Machiko tells a story about a person who may have To-Do list in a notebook snugly tucked in her backpack, may have a cell phone in her back pocket, may have a dinner date with an old friend visiting from out of town, or may even be experiencing something personally difficult that forces her out into nature to heal. Why is she here? What is happening in her heart? 


“Dreaming Hill” sounds like the first breath you take after waking up from a long winter’s sleep. The meandering piano phrases alternately emerge and retreat in the mix as the classical guitar holds the listener’s attention - heartfelt, simple, expressive, and steady. Ambient tones and pads swirl around the listener’s ears as the delicate balance between playful, watery piano and deliberate, mindful guitar makes us feel like we’re living in two worlds at once: Realism & Surrealism, Thinking & Feeling, Waking & Dreaming…


“Dreaming Hill” looks and sounds like a place you go to when you need direction. Or better yet, a place where you don’t need direction. A place to just be. It’s blurry and subtle like a dream, but is strongly connected to daily life by the tangible sounds we hear - classical guitar, piano, beats, and washes of ambient tones. A perfect balance between what we imagine and what is. Komachi + Paniyolo’s “Dreaming Hill” a place where the two halves of ourselves are together, and the figure in the artwork is leading the way…