Last Train To Jupiter




Release date

Creative Director:

October 4, 2021

“‘Last Train to Jupiter’ is a mellow Chillhop project with more than a hint of sci-fi flavour...The song has a progressive element to it, and it doesn't really let you stop; it's always building in instrumentation, with just a few lulls and dropouts to keep the track dynamic. This ‘journey’ through the song is what inspired the title. I feel as though the track gains in pace (and changes timbre) massively throughout - what moves faster than a space train?! Pretty much nothing.” 

-Ryan Napolitano -(mystery_o)


Something we look for in the art curation at Behind Walls Media is balance, symmetry, and contrast - that the artwork for a project complements the music it accompanies, but also pushes its meaning even further. Nonexistent’s design fit this design criteria perfectly, as the viewer feels both the uncertainty of the bleakness of the character’s current position (in the middle of a road in the middle of the night), as well as the curiosity, hope, and wonder of staring off at a distant planet...

“Last Train To Jupiter” takes the listener on a journey to a windswept planet, roiling with swirling astral storms in the form of

ever-evolving atmospheric textures, a gradually unfolding melody on keys, smart percussion layers, and an unassuming, yet unmistakable LoFi feel. We love the sonic duplicity of “Last Train To Jupiter”, sounding both light & airy, but also deeply ominous and tense.

The artwork, by Nonexistent, captures this balance we strive for, with its black background, sharp contrasting reds, and dashes of white lines drawing the viewer’s eyes to the skies. The whole piece works together in dark tones and geometry, but there is a central inquiry embedded in the focal point: The figure in the image is looking up, contemplating something (we’re not sure what), and we feel that sense of curiosity and wonder in both the music and the artwork. This was one of thea aspects that made the artwork and music such an appealing match for us.


“My roots are in punk/rock'n'roll, as my mum was in a punk band in 80s LA (where I was born). She listened to loads of different artists when I was growing up, like Talking Heads, Motley Crue, Captain Beefheart, Genesis, etc. This resulted in me having a pretty eclectic taste at a very early age!











“I currently live in Bath, in the UK. My actual home is located somewhere quite rural - but this in itself gives me a lot of peace and inspiration. I always write in the same place, and pretty much always at the same time. Since I work from home, and get up pretty early, I always have at least an hour to sit down at my studio space and work through projects. I'm not sure when it happened, but apparently I'm a morning person…


- Ryan Napolitano -(mystery_o)

“I’m more inspired by chord structures than I am by beats; when I write, this is usually the first element (even if it’s just a single chord, or sample!). After that, I start to build the drums, bassline and rhythmic sections, all while tweaking the chords and melody around the drum pattern. Personally, I believe this process is less limiting for me - chords can be suited to many different genres at a time, but drum programming always feels so specific to one. This is also the same exact process I used to start "Last Train to Jupiter.” 

- Ryan Napolitano (mystery_o)


“Last Train To Jupiter” is both calm and atmospheric, and also a rhythmically sophisticated and emotional Chillhop burner that makes the listener feel the wonder, mystery, and volatility of the song’s namesake - Jupiter - the largest planet in our solar system. Both have deep atmospheres, swirling with tenuous storms and lightning, and both have solid cores, with rock and elemental metals holding the objects in their orbital paths. It’s an exciting contrast that we love at Tsunami, and we’re hoping you’ll dig it, too. 


Thanks for reading our second-ever art direction article, we hope it was insightful! We'll close with a statement from Ryan:


"I find that my biggest inspirations come from people who I've connected with in the last year - good friends and talented artists I've met on my journey. I think it's important that people hear this track as it's something I'm really proud of. It's not like anything I've ever made - it carries a unique sound, while still keeping its own simplicity intact."

-Ryan Napolitano -(mystery_o)